Chinese New Year mini-spike or multimodal crunch?

January 20, 2022 00:52:52
The Loadstar Podcast
Chinese New Year mini-spike or multimodal crunch?

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Credits: Created, Produced and Hosted by Mike King

2022 is already shaping to be a year of daunting challenges for freight and shipping. Carriers by sea, air, ocean and rail can expect healthy profits. But for buyers, managing procurement and inventories has never been more important.

The lead-in to Chinese New Year factory closures at the start of February is the focus of this episode. Are we seeing the traditional mini-peak or is there a looming multimodal crunch on the horizon? And, what comes afterwards?

All is revealed as we hear the latest from China, and examine what’s happening in air freight markets and where container contract and spot rates are on the East-West trade lanes.


 EP1 2022 in more detail:

Ocean spot rates ahead of Chinese New Year (3.10)

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