The Big Interview: Shipping’s Renaissance Man – Mike King meets AP Moller Maersk’s Morten Bo Christiansen

February 16, 2022 00:31:03
The Loadstar Podcast
The Big Interview: Shipping’s Renaissance Man – Mike King meets AP Moller Maersk’s Morten Bo Christiansen

Show Notes

Credits: Created, Produced and Hosted by Mike King

In this inaugural episode of the Loadstar Podcast Big Interview editor Mike King talks to AP Moller Maersk’s Morten Bo Christiansen, shipping’s Renaissance Man.

Over the last Morten decade has been tasked with finding solutions to some of the critical challenges facing both his company and the shipping and freight industry.

In his previous position as Head of Strategy he worked closely with CEO Soren Skou as Maersk ditched its energy business and started its bold ‘transformation’. This was designed to turn Big Blue from being a provider of commoditized port-to-port services into a fully-fledged container logistics integrator. A strategy which has not been without controversy, as this podcast explores.

If that wasn’t challenge enough, Morten has now stepped up once more to take on arguably an even greater undertaking. As Head of Decarbonization at AP Moller Maersk, his task is multi-faceted. While many shipping lines need to understand decarbonization in relation primarily to vessel design, new fuels and operations, Maersk now need to apply its decarbonization strategy to its extended global supply chains as it spends recent windfalls on everything from more warehouses to more freighters.


Maersk’ transformation rationale (1.53)

Parcels industry as inspiration (6.27)

Does Maersk still value smaller forwarders as customers? (8.15)

Why Maersk is taking decarbonisation seriously (10.21)

Regulators must step up (15.17)

Betting on methanol (17.48)

Maersk green pledge (23.53)

Why shipping needs a carbon tax (27.01)

Absolute zero vs net zero carbon emissions (29.15)


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