The Deep Dive: We Need To Talk About Peak Season

September 15, 2022 00:21:08
The Deep Dive: We Need To Talk About Peak Season
The Loadstar Podcast
The Deep Dive: We Need To Talk About Peak Season

Show Notes

In this Deep Dive Loadstar Podcast, Mike King and guests explain the traditional container shipping peak season and its role in the ebb and flow of global trade.

They also examine how the last two years of Covid-driven supply chain disruption have impacted box trade seasonality.

And they consider whether parts of that transformation will be permanent, or whether a return to normality is now underway in the shape of a 2022 peak season that has faltered in the face of economic headwinds.



Lars Jensen, CEO, Vespucci Maritime

John McCown, Founder, Blue Alpha Capital

Kathy Liu, Director, Global Sales & Marketing, Dimerco Express Group

Jason Haith, Manager, OEC Group

Stephanie Loomis, Vice President for Procurement, CargoTrans

Peter Sand, Chief Analyst, Xeneta

Bruce Chan, Director & Senior Analyst, Global Logistics & Future Mobility Equity Research, Stifel

Josh Brazil, VP for Supply Chain Insights, Project44


Credits: Created, produced and hosted by Mike King

Mike can be contacted at: [email protected]

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